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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers on the most popular questions. If you cannot find the answer, please contact us by filling out the form on Contact Us form or emailing us directly.

List of questions:

  • Which payment options are available on the Unicol web service?

    Unicol uses Paypal for payment of services. For information on Paypal please click below.

    What is Paypal?

  • Which countries does this web service cover?

    All countries except for those noted on the Legal Agreement page.

  • Am I allowed to share my Unicol account with other students?

    It is strongly recommended that accounts are not shared as any financial or criminal activity will be attributed to the listed Unicol account. Accounts will be suspended and users will be required to incur any financial responsibilities before an account can be re-activated.

  • Is it OK to contact Unicol administration with commercial inquiries and offers?

    Unicol will not respond to any commercial inquiries or offers.

  • Can this service be used to fill in admission application for the chosen college?

    Unicol does not assume any responsibility for contacting institutions for the purpose of admission.

  • Do you guarantee that the information on the website is valid and up to date?

    Information on the website will be current as of the time of submission of request.

  • Does the Unicol web service provide discounts for special needs students?

    Unicol does not provide any extra services for special needs students, however, when completing a request, these special needs will be taken into consideration.

  • What is the time period to receive results from a submitted request?

    This is dependent on the following factors:
    (i.e. Student is interested in Math and only interested in attending university in the Greater Toronto Area). This example covers four universities times the number of programs associated with the Math discipline, (i.e. Pure Math, Applied Math, Commerce). To obtain a complete analysis will take between 1 and 2 weeks.